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DarkMarket Introduction
At Darkmarket we are dedicated to bringing trust back to the darknet. We have implemented a system where we randomly buy from vendors and rate their products on our forum. We are wallet-less with BTC support and hope to add XMR soon.

You will find that we are not the typical DNM staff. We make a huge effort to work with everyone, buyers and vendors. When you put in a support ticket you will get an answer. If you have a dispute we will carefully review all evidence provided. If you have suggestions we have open ears. We are here for mutual prosperity. Without you there is no us!

Meet the staff
Dark (Admin)
RedLotus (Manager)
Citizen (Staff)
Grampa (Staff)

DarkMarket is run by humans, like all humans we are capable of mistakes. If you see anything that needs changed or fixed we want to know. Please PM any suggestions to Grampa or post them on the forum on the suggestions board. Help us help you!

How To Use DarkMarket

To keep everyone safe it is advised that you have a basic understanding of PGP Encryption. If the market is ever compromised you want all your personal information encrypted. One thought to keep in mind is that not all versions of GPG are created equally, so avoid using online GPG methods such as iGolder and those utilizing BouncyCastle libraries. If you are not good with PGP do some reading for your own saafety!

You will need Bitcoin (BTC) to make purchases. You can get bitcoin from exchanges like Kraken or Bitstamp. A better anonymous option is to use agoradesk or localmonero to buy coins with cash from a person rather than have a recorded purchase through an institution. If you are using a wallet linked to your name or an other identifying information, mix the coins before you load the coins you just got.

Account Setup
1. Use one of the links found in the /d/darkmarket sidebar on Dread, the links on or links on Darkeye. Do not trust random links!
2. If you are a consumer it is good practice to use a new name user name and password so that it is harder to track which markets you have been on. As a vendor you will need to use your vendor name but be sure to use a new password.
3. Click on your username in the top right corner to access your profile
4. Click the PGP button, paste your public key, save.
5. You will now be prompted to decrypt an encrypted message to prove ownership of your key.
Product Search
To search for a product enter the item in the search box on the top of the page. When you get to the search results page you will see filter options on the left side.
Filter options include
• Country From
• Country To
• Price
• Vendor Name
• Physical/Digital
• Category
• Vendor Level
• Newest/Oldest

1. In the item window click the “Purchase” button
2. Choose your shipping option and click “Add to cart”
3. In the message to vendor field enter your encrypted buyer notes. This is your name, address and any note you may want to leave for the vendor. Be sure to save now!
4. Click the “Checkout” button
5. Now a BTC address will appear, send the exact amount of your purchase to the wallet and refresh the page.
6. When the funds have cleared and the vendor has accepted and shipped your order you will receive a notification. You will also see a “sent” status next to your order.
7. Once you receive your order be sure to finalize the payment and leave feedback. This part is very important!

Finalize Payment and LEAVE A REVIEW
1. Go to your profile by clicking on your user name in the top right corner of the homepage.
2. Click the “Purchases” button on the left side of the screen.
3. Open the order you wish to finalize.
4. Click on the “finalize order” button and confirm.
5. Leave feedback for the vendor, feedback can be changed for 30 days from the original post just contact support. If you try to use this feature for extorsion we will ban you immediately and keep your funds!

Keep in mind reviews are not just for the vendor, they help other consumers just like you know what to expect. Do each other a favor and review every order.

This is a wallet-less market. You will make your payment to an address that is generated when you place your order.
• Be sure to put a refund address in your profile so the vendor can refund you if they need to.
• When making a payment be sure you have included any mining fees.
• If you over pay cancel your order. You may have to contact the vendor to do this.

We currently support BTC payment and hope to have XMR online soon.

Auto Finalize/ FE
Auto finalize is set to 7 days and can be extended for 7 more days by the buyer or vendor. If a vendor is approved for FE it will be clear during the purchase process. If the vendor pressures you to finalize and you have not received your item contact support. If it takes the vendor more than 14 days to deliver open a dispute.

If you have not received your order or there is another issue, try to work it out with the vendor.
If you can not come to a resolution open a dispute.
If the order is already marked delivered or auto-finalizes the vendor will be the only one with access to the funds.
Be sure to keep an eye on the auto finalize time. If it is the evening of day 11, extend the auto finalize. If it is the evening of day 18 open a dispute.
Opening a dispute without first contacting the vendor will result in an automatic loss.

Vendors Terms
Each Vendor will have terms and conditions for their products and services. These rules must also be in line with market rules and expectations. If you feel a vendor is violating any market rules, report them to us! If you encounter an issue which cannot be resolved between yourself and the vendor you may open a dispute. Support will assist in every way possible, a fair decision will be reached based on the individual circumstances, the buyers terms and general common sense to ensure each party receives fair and equitable treatment.

Reporting Scams
If you notice any of the following, please open a support ticket straight away. Our priority is ensuring we run a safe and fair market for all users.

• Several 1 Star Reviews
• Scam warning from other buyers in feedback
• Reports a vendor is scamming
• Vendor is Selling any prohibited items
• Vendor is selling to prohibited geo-locations (Russia, UAE)
Love you guys, I hope you can stay on the current path.
I see great things for this markets future!

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