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Livedabs, An Official Vendor Review Thread.

If you ask yourself, "is this too much information?" Then, yes, it most likely is.
We are concerned with the quality of the product and the security of the shipping methods(keep this simple, I.E. YES ITS FUCKING GOOD STEALTH, NO GOD DAMNIT I HATE THIS METHOD AND IT HAS ME SCARED FOR MY LEGAL LIFE). Second comes the other service the vendor provides, such as comms and general operations, how they handle themselves, essentially.(don't give too much info here either)

Livedabs has been around for some time, by his/her word.

Recently he/she created a give-away with very specific requirements to be a part of his/her give-away, a review being part of the requirements.
I have a certain amount of China white that I will be posting a review of here in the next few days.

Initial impressions: Shipping was fast as heck and this vendors stealth is new and different, to me. I have a feeling that this is really, really good stealth.
The product quality review will come tomorrow or the next day.

As of now, this thread is open to reviews to allow the product to speak for itself.
As it should.

Please Post your reviews here for Livedabs' (LD) Product(s).

Disclosure of Personal Testing Baseline: I recently tapered myself to 0mg for several days in the hopes I could get off completely, but my pain is far too severe and came back with a gust.... So here I am... Fuckin up my shit all over again.... haha. Cheers to that.
I, unfortunately, can not regularly use the CW I have received because it is FAR TOO STRONG for me. I will use it eventually, most likely, but here is what I found with LD's China White:

First and Foremost I have a warning for everyone: I do believe that there is a decent amount of Fent in this CW. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! I do not have fent strips but it's pretty obvious due to the strength and color of this ultra white powder.

Livedabs got my pack out fast as heck, got to me 2DD from end to end if you know what I mean.

The stealth is rather new to me, I think it is clever ((I have a decent amount of orders under my belt (this statement is for credibility)). There is a portion of the stealth that could be up for debate but it will not, by any means, hamper the security of your shipment. Just something of a conversation piece. You will know if you order from LD. Everything was sealed perfectly and there were proper layers of stealth.

The product smacked the shit out of me. I did what would be comparable to a quarter of a 30mg roxy, in regards to powder amount. So roughly 8mg of powder. So not much at all.
The CW is extremely white..The pain relief and high lasted me several hours it seemed. I unfortunately re-dosed way to early for my tolerance at one point though and ended up throwing up all night after that one... I might have not been able to keep any food or water down but I was way up in the clouds for sure...
This latter experience could just be specific to me though as my tolerance was essentially zero when I received this pack and jumping up to Fent is super fucking dangerous when your tolerance is zero, as everyone here knows. I was aware that this CW might be high in Fent from the get-go, due to pictures of the product on Cryptonia, so I was expecting it to a certain degree. When you have true pain...., pain relief is pain relief...

I am overall extremely satisfied with the service LD provided me. I like a vendor that works quick, efficiently, thinks outside the box, and this was just that.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to drop them here and I'll do my best to answer them to Opsec's best ability.
Have a free sample on the way as well. LiveDabs comms were excellent and quick when I spoke with him, unfortunatly I missed out on the free samples of CW but have a tar sample coming in instead. Stoked! love when vendors do this, really shows them going the extra mile to give out grams of free product to get their name out there and get some good reviews going. So far he seems like a pleasant vendor who also does DD via email I believe, but not with clearnet email addresses.
Ill update when It comes! Ive heard good things about his stealth and quality via reviews on cryptonia, His shipping speed seems to be highly praised as well, with express and priority arriving super fast.

However to the users above, If you beleive his CW contains fent, please test with some dancesafe strips and make sure. This is something that shouldnt just be speculated on, however experienced users def know what fent feels like, so you may be right. Bummer indeed if it does contain fent. Hopefully the tar does not, however I have yet to see tar with fent in it myself, although I have heard reports of street dealers selling tar with fent in the mix somehow.

Always test your stuff guys! Fent strips are cheap as fuck and should always be used specially when posting reviews!
Ive put in a few M30 orders with Livedabs on Cryptonia and every transaction has been great. 5/5 for everything, quality and stealth are more like 6/5, and the product lasts a long time. I don't even have to take a full pill to get full pain relief and feel pretty damn good for hours. My tolerance isn't super high, but it's definitely not at zero and I feel these more and for longer than a lot of others I've gotten.
I didn't get a free sample so I'm not leaving this review because I agreed to. Im leaving it because its hard to find good presses and Livedabs has been a consistently good vendor even as just a regular market buyer and I appreciate that!
Alright, so I recently took part of livedabs promotion, and received an amount of CW. After having spent a few days with it, I am now going to be writing my review on the product and vendor.

Overall communications with livedabs were exceptional, he was very easy to talk with and seemed more than happy to answer any questions pertaining to the product and shipping. On top of that he was patient as well, since I am fairly new to the whole darknet experience. All communications were handled via email and were encrypted with PGP using his keys.

Shipping & Stealth:
The shipping was much faster than I expected, having been a free product sample. It arrived 2 days after being sent, which was to be expected after seeing it was shipped with 2DD. The stealth was a bit unusual, though I do not see any problems with it being detected. It looks and feels just like any other piece of mail you would be receiving. The return address on the box looks legit as well, so that's a plus.

I just want to start out by saying that the CW was confirmed by another user (via communication with LD) to have fent in it. For me this is not necessarily a bad thing as I use to manage pain from previous injuries, so the less I have to use the better for me, if you know what I mean. That being said, I had not seen that review when I dove into my sample, and I made a similar mistake to TDCVMJDH1. I picked out what would be comparable to a 5mg oxy, then split that in half to start with. I normally use about 30mg of morphine a day and 5mg oxy, so I figured that wouldn't be a problem. But this product is VERY STRONG, and it smacked the fuck out of me. I ended up nodding about an hour after dosing, threw up a few times, etc. Since then I have been doing keybumps of the stuff. So be very careful if you order CW from livedabs as it is some powerful stuff! The powder is very white, powdery with some clumps that easily break apart when any kind of pressure is applied. I snorted the stuff, it doesn't really have a smell to it at all and hardly burns either, though it does have that nice warm feeling if you know what I mean. Overall very pleasant as long as it is dosed properly.

I am very satisfied with the service provided by livedabs, as a vendor he is quick, upfront with comms, and his product and stealth are exceptional as well.
Can anyone tell me "if" or how well this CW dissolves in water for IV use?

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