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Why do people post what and when they ordered??
I constantly see people posting in various threads that "I just ordered X amount of drugs, cant wait!" They have just posted online that they have committed a felony. Do they feel the need to brag, or are they just excited dumbasses? How many sites have been seized/taken over by LE, who then combs over all the data looking for stoners who don't know how to be discreet, or worse, are too lazy to use PGP in sensitive PMs. It could easily happen here too. Then there are those who post details about a vendors shipping methods, or where items are shipped from..
Please get a fucking clue, this ain't Amazon!
Rant over.
LE doesn't really have the capacity to go after users.
The Tor Network was designed in part to fulfil a need for an unabridged ability to exercise freedom of speech without fear of government retaliation. In this function it remains very effective. Little can protect you from the weight of a targeted federal investigation but unless there's a reason they'd be spending all that time and money on you, there really isn't a need to be paranoid about it.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a legal expert and I tend to be full of #$%@)

It should come as no suprise that law enforcement entities monitor forums such as this but they're not trying to deanonymize typical substance users or gather evidence for the purposes of prosecuting substance users. Unless you're involved in distribution the worst you can generally expect is a seized package and a warning. It's still a chore for them to prove that you knew what was in the package and solicited it. That's pretty expensive.

And all to send someone to House Arrest and Drug Counseling, someone who can't help their investigation at all? Anyone can send a package with most anything in it to anyone as long as they know the address. Doesn't mean the intended recepient is legally responsible for the contents of the package until it's in their possession. I wouldn't recommend continuing to buy from marketplaces if you have a had a package seized, however. But if you're buying through a marketplace and you're using appropriate OPPSEC in your communications and activity, then by design you can't testify to anything useful for their investigation anyway, so there's really no reason to put the screws to you. Just my take on it.

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